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Four ferries; Kyoto , Settsu , Dougo , and Soleil were open to "walking event" participants

Ferries at Port of Shin Moji in Kitakyushu Japan 2023 10 09 On the October 9, 2023 a perennially late railway company known as JR Kyushu held a "walking event."  These are extremely popular and attract massive amounts of people, the minority of whom are normal.  Their 2023 Autumn walking event started at JR Shimosone Station and ended at the "goal" Tokyo Kyushu Ferry Terminal.  Participants were allowed inside four ferries;  1)  FERRY KYOTO of the City Line Meimon Taiyo Ferry fleet 2)  FERRY DOUGO of the Ocean Tokyu Ferry fleet 3)  SETTSU a ferry of the Hankyu Ferry fleet 4)   SOLEIL of the Tokyo Kyushu Ferry fleet (they misspell their own name as Tokyo Kyusyu Ferry)  Ship Freakazoid went inside three of the four.  The new Soleil ferry had the best dressed and friendliest staff.  Pets are allowed on board and the ship seemed more luxurious than the others, probably because there were no dogs pissing on the carpets and barking---Yet!   Besides misspelling their own c