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せとぎり JS Setogiri DD-156 護衛艦 Japanese Destroyer JMSDF

せとぎり JS Setogiri DD-156 護衛艦 


SETOGIRI is a Destroyer of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). It recently passed thru the Kanmon Strait and was photographed from Moji, Kitakyushu, Japan with an Olympus e 520 DSLR camera equipped with Zuiko 150mm lens. The ship and crew protect Japan. We wish them a Happy New Year in 2022. The Japanese Navy has awesome curry and they serve it every Friday so December 31, 2021 will be their last naval curry meal of the year. Their first curry in Year of the Tiger will be on January 7, 2022. 

Type / Class: Destroyer, DD; Asagiri Class 
Builder: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Uraga, Japan 
STATUS: Laid down: March 9, 1987 
Launched: September 12, 1988 
Commissioned: February 14, 1990 
Homeport: Ominato, Aomori, Japan

Specifications: Length: 137 meters (449 feet 6 inches) Beam: 14,6 meters (47 ft 11 in) Draft: 4,5 meters (14 ft 9 in) Displacement: 3500 tons (standard) / 4900 tons (full load) Speed: 30 knots, max. (56 km/h) Range: 8000 NM (14800km) at 14 knots (26 km/h) Complement: 220 Propulsion: COGAG (combined gas and gas) 4 x Kawasaki/Rolls-Royce Spey SM-1A gas turbines (54000 shp) 2 shafts / 2 controllable pitch propellers Aviation: flight deck and hangar for 1 helicopter / SH-60J(K) Seahawk Armament: 1 x Oto-Melara 76mm/62-caliber gun (3-inches) 2 x Mk-141 missile launcher for 8 RGM-84 Harpoon SSM 1 x Mk-29 missile launcher for 8 RIM-7 Sea Sparrow SAM 1 x Type 74 (Mk-16) launcher for 8 RUR-5 ASROC anti-submarine rockets 2 x Type 68/HOS-302A (Mk-32) 12,75-inch (324mm) triple torpedo tubes for Mk-46 torpedoes 2 x Mk-15 Phalanx Close-In-Weapon-System (CIWS) (added later) Systems: OYQ-6/7 Combat Direction System (CDS) with Link-11 OPS-14/24 air search radar OPS-28 surface search radar OQS-4A hull sonar OQR-1 towed array sonar NOLR-8 intercept OLT-3 jammer Mk-36 SRBOC jaff & decoy launcher

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