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DIAMOND PRINCESS the Covid-19 pandemic cruise ship sailing thru the Kanmon Straits


Diamond Princess in Kanmon Straits Japan 2023 06 05

Diamond Princess is a cruise ship and infamous for having a Covid-19 pandemic on board which was poorly handled by Japan.  This majestic vessel was photographed as it traveled thru the Kanmon Straits between Kokura and Moji, Kitakyushu City and Shimonoseki City.  This sexy 19 year old's measurements are 290 meters x 37.5 meters. She has 18 decks and she and her 1100 person crew can accommodate 2670 passengers.  An Olympus e520 DSLR camera with Zuiko 150mm zoom lens was used by the ship freakazoid who photographed it. 

IMO: 9228198
IMO: 9228198
Vessel Type - Passenger Ship
MMSI: 235103359
Call Sign: 2HFZ7
Flag: United Kingdom [GB]
Gross Tonnage: 115906
Summer DWT: 14601 t
Length: 290 meters
Width: 37.75 meters
Year Built: 2004 AD

Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan June 5th 2023

Huge cruise ship sailing between Moji Kitakyushu and Shimonoseki

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